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Minden Maintenance Personnel

The Town of Minden employs an experienced and well-trained staff of maintenance personnel who maintains the Town water system, takes care of the local parks, manages trash disposal, and performs the basic maintenance for Town buildings and vehicles.


Town Maintenance Staff

J.D. Frisby — Public Works Superintendent.

JD Frisby is a licensed Engineer and has gained experience in project planning, funding, feasibility studies, design and management for various engineering projects throughout his professional career.

He has a solid understanding of varied construction methods from his experience with construction inspection and administration for community parks, culinary water improvements, road design, spring redevelopment, site grading, etc. Mr. Frisby comes to the Town of Minden with many years of experience as a Municipality Engineer and is knowledgeable in funding requirements and working with a variety of government agencies.

Robert Kelly — Maintenance Assistant. Bob is one of the two CVIC Hall custodians. He has been with the Town since February of 2009.
Dan Kistler—Maintenance Supervisor. Dan heads the Facilities and Parks department and holds a Grade III Water Distribution License. He is also a Certified Backflow Tester. Dan has been with the Town of Minden since July of 2011.
Shane Mortensen — Senior Utility Systems Technician. Shane is a Class III Water Distribution Operator as well as a Certified Backflow Tester, Water Treatment Operator, and Certified Cross-Connection Specialist. He has been with us since July of 2004.
Chris Murphy - Utility Systems Technician I. Chris has been with the Town since 2014 and works primarily in Facilities and Parks, as well as the Trash Department.
Alex Brown - Maintenance Specialist. Alex has been with the Town since 2015.
Steve McGee - Maintenance Specialist. Steve returned to the Town of Minden in 2015.
Jason Parke - Maintenance Technician. Jason has been with the Town since 2015.
Jay Bobbitt - Maintenance Assistant.  Jay has worked for the Town since November 2015.

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