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Resident Services

The Town of Minden takes pride in taking care of its residents. We operate an efficient, well-maintained water system and strive to provide excellent trash collection service. We also maintain the town’s streets and alleys, parks and sidewalks.

To request new water or trash services, click here to download the form.

Water service | trash service | street maintenance & other services


Water Services

Water Service

The Town of Minden has a very elaborate and functional water system that serves the Town as well as some neighboring communities. Our water comes directly from drilled wells without any above-ground storage or chemical treatments. The natural minerals and clarity make our water some of the best tasting in the state—if not the country!


Trash Services

Trash Service

Minden provides trash collection service to the residents and businesses in town. We supply each customer with a container that is compatible with our automated trucks. Greenwaste pick-up is also available year round for those who wish to recycle their lawn and garden clippings.


Trash Services

Street Maintenance and Other Services

The Town of Minden strives to maintain clean streets free of debris and trash, as well as an overall street maintenance program that includes snow removal, street sealing, crack filling and other maintenance.

Minden also promotes a beautiful and accessible environment for pedestrians through its sidewalk maintenance and tree planting programs.

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