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Tree Planting and Maintenance

A residents guide to good tree choices for the town of minden

The Town of Minden encourages the planting of street trees along the right-of-way and in the parkways within the annexed Town of Minden boundaries. Tree-lined streets provide a number of benefits to the residents of Minden. The Town encourages the replacement of diseased trees and species of trees that are considered hazardous or not suitable for planting along the right-of-way. Those trees include cottonwoods, elms, and willow trees. A list of acceptable trees can be found by CLICKING HERE. The goal of this program is to provide residents an economical solution to replace existing trees and also encourage the planting of additional trees along the right-of-way.

Property owners may apply to participate in the Street Tree Cost Sharing, according to the Street Tree Cost-Share Policy, by completing an APPLICATION FORM and SKETCH PLAN. Following approval of the Application and prior to planting, the property owner must submit an order form and payment for the tree(s). A price list is included as part of the Order Form. The Town reserves the right to reject any application which is determined to be non-compliant with the mission and goals of the Street Tree Program.

To download an application form and sketch plan, click here.
To Download the list of Acceptable trees, CLICK HERE.

Trees must be planted in a designated Town right-of-way (Town will determine right-of-way adjacent to your property) and Town of Minden's Arborist will assess the suitability of the proposed planting site(s). Once the planting site(s) have been approved, the Town's Arborist will assist in selecting the most appropriate tree(s) for the site(s).

The Street Tree Program will plant trees once a year, generally in the October/November time period. Applications must be applied for no later than September 1st of the planting year. A description of approved street trees follows.

A landscape contractor provided by the Town will deliver, plant, mulch, and brace the tree(s). The Town will be responsible for all utility locations prior to planting by the contractor. It will be the property owner's responsibility to care for the tree(s) after planting by the contractor, and the Town's Arborist will be available to discuss with the property owner the type of care necessary to keep the tree(s) healthy. The Contract Arborist will also perform periodic health checks on the tree(s) for up to two years, and advise the property owner if additional care is needed.

Due to limited available funding, the Street Tree Program is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. For this reason, the Town reserves the right to limit the number of trees purchased by any individual property owner.

The cost to remove both hazardous trees and the three types of tree species prohibited (cottonwood, elm and willow) for use as street trees will be covered in full by the Town of Minden, pending verification by the Town that the trees are indeed in the Town's right-of-way.

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