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The Town of Minden provides trash pick-up service for its residential and commercial customers, and provides the appropriate waste disposal containers to each paying customer. For residential customers, this is a mandatory service that helps to keep our Town clean and beautiful.

Residential Trash Collection

The Town of Minden uses a fully-automated system of picking up trash. Each home is furnished with a special curbside container. Additional cans are available at a minimal additional cost per month for each extra can.


  • Street Service:
    • Place your curbside container on the street directly in front of your curb. Please follow the directions located on the top of the lid of the curbside container.
    • Allow 12 inch clearance between cans, and 5 feet between other obstructions such as cars, power poles and fire hydrants. Please take extra care not to block access to your mailbox.
    • Placing trash into trash bags inside the container would be very considerate, especially during windy conditions. Please do not secure the lid with bungee cords, rocks, bricks, etc. On extra trash days, please place the extra trash a minimum of 5 feet away from the curbside container. PLEASE DO NOT STACK EXTRA TRASH ON TOP OF THE LID.
  • Alley Service:
    • If you have alley service, the container should be located on the designated side of the alley. The semi-automated method of trash collection will be used in the alleys, with refuse being loaded on the rear of the trash truck.

WHAT IF my trash day falls on a holiday?

If your normal trash day falls on a State Holiday,  your trash will be collected the day prior to the holiday.  For a list of applicable holidays, click here.


It is the homeowner’s responsibility to keep the can clean. The container can be cleaned inside and out with soap and water as often as you desire.




Household trash, food waste, yard waste.

Dirt, sod, rock, or concrete
Large appliances or furniture
Hot ashes or flammable materials such as oil, gas or paint
Debris from construction, remodeling or demolition
Toxic or hazardous waste


  • MOVE IN TRASH: Boxes will be picked up only if they are broken down, bundled, and put out on extra trash day. You may also wish to consider using the free residential dumpster service to dispose of moving waste — see dumpster policy for more information on this service.
  • NO HAZARDOUS WASTE OR LIQUIDS WILL BE PICKED UP: Household hazardous waste includes wet paint, fluorescent light bulbs, pesticides, flammable materials and other household chemicals. For more information on what is considered hazardous, please call the Town office. Refrigerators and freezers may be picked up for an additional fee to dispose of the freon.

To request a Trash can or residential Dumpster, CLICK HERE.

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Greenwaste Recycling

The Town of Minden is proud to offer a free green waste collection service. If you would like to participate there are a few things you need to know.

  • Participation is not mandatory nor will it increase your trash bill. Containers specifically for green waste will be provided free of charge to each customer who elects to participate. Please call the office at 782-5976 to request a container.
  • Please place only acceptable green waste in the brown container. This includes lawn clippings, weeds, leaves, and garden waste. Please do not use plastic bags for green waste.
  • Green waste will be collected year-round on Thursday.  If a holiday falls on a Thursday, green waste will be picked up on FridayThere will be no green waste collection on the week of Thanksgiving.
  • Unacceptable items include rocks, dirt, concrete, wood, branches, sod, household trash, paper, plastic, glass, aluminum, tin, and any other material not listed as acceptable. These materials will be picked up on your regular trash day. If trash is placed in your green waste can, your can will not be emptied.
  • Green waste containers are brown and marked “Town of Minden Green Waste Only” on the lid. These cans are to be used for disposal of green waste only and will only be dumped on Tuesday.
  • If your trash is normally collected in the alley and you wish to participate in the green waste program, you will need to place your green waste container in the street in front of your house or at the end of the alley. Our truck will not pick up green waste cans in alley.

Extra Trash Day

On your third trash day of the month you may place extra trash out next to your can. Please use bags, cans, or boxes. Please do not exceed 50 pounds or the capacity of the container used, whichever is less. Please tie yard trimmings such as branches in bundles. Make sure that bundles are tied securely. Absolutely no hazardous material should be placed out for pick up.

Residential Dumpsters

Conditioned upon availability, you may request a residential dumpster to be delivered to your house for one week at a time free of charge, up to twice a year. The service may be utilized more than twice a year with charges assessed for each dump on all rentals after the second free week. We highly recommend this service if you are remodeling or undertaking a large landscaping project. Before a dumpster can be delivered, we need to have the Relese of Liabiality Form on file.

To request a Trash can or residential Dumpster, CLICK HERE.

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Commercial Trash Collection

Commercial service is established by contacting the office to have a Dumpster delivered and a regular schedule of pick up arranged. The customer may decide how many days a week the trash needs to be picked up for their business. If the employees note that the Dumpsters are overloaded continuously, further provisions will need to be made for keeping the trash area clean. Dumpsters available for commercial use are 2 and 3 yard capacity. The Dumpster will not be dumped unless it is at least half full.

Dumpsters are to be inside an enclosure on a concrete or asphalt pad. Specifications for the enclosure may be obtained at the Town office.

Dumpster enclosures are for the express use of containing Dumpsters. They are not to be used for storing equipment, supplies or inventory. For health and safety reasons the enclosure must be kept clean. All garbage must be placed in the Dumpsters. Gates and latches must be kept in proper working order. We recommend that garbage be placed in the Dumpster evenly. Cardboard boxes take up less room if they are broken down. Light weight trash, such as Styrofoam packing material should be bagged to keep it from blowing out of the truck on windy days. Extra pickups are available at your request by calling the Town office.

A Dumpster on wheels is a dangerous instrument and may cause injury to property or persons during periods of high winds or if used in an inappropriate manner. Customers should keep Dumpsters securely within approved enclosure behind latched gates to avoid possible accidents and ensuing liability.

Dumpsters will be provided to commercial customers. All commercial accounts will be charged a minimum of one dumping fee regardless of use.

SNOW POLICY: It is the owner’s responsibility to keep the area in front of and around the Dumpster enclosure free from snow and ice. The garbologists must be able to roll the Dumpster out of the enclosure and hook it up to the truck in order to empty the trash. This must be done by 9:a.m. on the day of service when snow conditions exist. When enclosures do not meet the above listed requirements, the Dumpsters within them will not be dumped until the problems are remedied and the town office is notified requesting a call back. In such cases, a reasonable call back fee to be set by the Town Board will be charged.

OVERLOADING POLICY: The Town reserves the right to charge a fee for Dumpsters that are excessively overloaded. Dumpsters are excessively overloaded when the lid cannot come within twelve inches of closing. In the event that there is a problem, photos will be taken for documentation. The additional service charge will be added to your account. Extra pick ups will be made upon request within twenty-four hours of the request.

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